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The Team Behind Our Emergency Animal Hospital in Winnipeg

Our emergency animal hospital in Winnipeg offers critical care, overnight monitoring, emergency surgeries, on-site oxygen therapy, orthopedic surgery, ultrasounds, and diagnostic imaging, among other services. If you have any questions or concerns about our emergency animal hospital in Winnipeg, the well-being of your pet, or anything else, please feel free to call us directly so that we may help you.


Dr. Chelsea Lim

Dr. Chelsea Lim

Dr. Lim completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto in 2008. After working in Toronto for a few years, she packed all her belongings and moved to Sydney, Australia to become a beach bum…*ahem*…to go to vet school! There she attended the University of Sydney and graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2013. Though she really enjoyed the year-round warm weather, she made the decision to return to Canada, bundled up her 2 Aussie kitties, Jamm, and Ghostt, and moved to Winnipeg to join WAEH in 2014. While enjoying all aspects of veterinary medicine, Dr. Lim’s focus is on emergency medicine and soft tissue surgery.

When not at work, she enjoys hiking in the summer and skijoring in the winter, with her 2 dogs, Bogo, and Scottie. A little torbie cat, named Roxanne, is the latest to join the family.

Dr. David Scammell

Dr. David Scammell

Dr. Scammell started working at Pembina Veterinary Hospital as a summer veterinary student, two years before graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in 1987. Upon his graduation, he began working as a student at the Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital, with a five-year tenure at McPhillips Animal Hospital. This is his 30th anniversary of employment with the Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital! One of his particular passions is orthopaedic surgery and Dr. Scammell is constantly striving to hone his skill through hands-on courses and the application of new techniques.

Dr. Scammell has served as president of the Manitoba Veterinary Association and for 3 years as council member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Currently, he sits as a member of the National Examining Board of Canada which is responsible for the administration, in Canada, of a 3-part veterinary licensing process. Completion of the examination is a requirement to be eligible to apply for licensure from any provincial licensing body.

He also serves under the Council of Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association as a site visitor, in a program of accreditation of colleges of veterinary medicine in North America and abroad.

Having always had a soft spot for cats, he encourages his staff in their kitten fostering and adoption endeavors and is the main reason all his clinics have feline support staff. In his spare time, he enjoys catch-and-release fishing, going back home to Newfoundland to see his family, and, of course, spending time with his wife, children, their cats; Bob and Mocha, and two dogs, Tia and Colonel.

Dr. Michelle Camara

Dr. Michelle Camara

Dr. Camara is the newest addition to the Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital veterinarian team. After graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, SK, she worked in a day practice for some time, before deciding to return home to Winnipeg. Emergency medicine was already familiar to her as she had worked a few summers at WAEH while in veterinary school and she was very excited to join the team permanently! 

No matter the weather, Dr. Camara enjoys visiting the dog park with her dogs, Kovu and Kiara. At home, she has two cats, a feisty little calico cat named Carmella, and her mellow tuxedo brother, Oreo.

Registered Veterinary Technologists



Lisa graduated from Red River College in 2013, immediately began working at the Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital and has never looked back. She loves working with our emergency team in such a fast-paced environment and has learned quite a bit about diseases and critical injuries not frequently seen in day practice. Her compassion and gentle nature has led her co-workers to dub her ‘the small dog whisperer’ and you can always count on her to be cuddling any scared or anxious dogs (especially the Pomeranians) that come into the hospital!


She lives in Starbuck, MB with her husband and many rescues, consisting of 3 small dogs; two fluffy geriatric Pomeranians; Bear and Belle, a Chihuahua cross named Charlie, and three cats; Anderson, Wolfe, and Lynx. On her days off she can often be found visiting her family out in Gimli, spending time at the lake in Kenora, or doing never-ending house renos.



Steve graduated from Red River College in 2006. He began working at Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital shortly afterwards and hasn’t looked back since. He enjoys learning more about emergency and critical care through varied continuing education and has attended a few international conferences.

At home, he enjoys painting miniature models and convincing his three curious kitties; Digit, Howie, and Playdoh, that he really doesn’t need their help.



Carla received her RVT diploma from Red River College in 2009 and shortly after moved to Guelph, Ontario where she worked at the Ontario Veterinary College. She then pursued a BSc. Degree in Animal Biology at the University of Guelph and graduated in 2014. She lived there for five years before returning to Winnipeg and accepting a position at Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital. She enjoys all aspects of her work but especially anesthesia and patient care.

She shares her home with her boyfriend, a pointer/lab mix named Hunter, and three cats: Harlow, Truffles, and Ruby. In her spare time, she enjoys: going to the dog park, pet sitting, horseback riding and fostering puppies and kittens for a few local rescues.



Kaitlynn graduated from Seneca College in King City, ON in 2013. After working for one year in Toronto, she moved to Winnipeg with her fiancé and procured a job where her hours were split between Pembina Veterinary Hospital and Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital. Although her original position was covering a maternity leave, she enjoyed the emergency experience so much that she decided to make the split permanent. While in Winnipeg, Kaitlynn became interested in rehabilitation, passed the exam, got certified as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner back in 2017 and runs Head to Tail Pet Rehabilitation. She is now a full-time RVT on WEAH and has helped many happy canine and feline patients. You can follow her on Facebook at Head to Tail Rehabilitation.

Being a lover of Newfoundland, Kaitlynn’s first dog was a Landseer named Moose, who was closely followed by mixed breeds, Onyx, and Bruin. She already had an adult cat named Bailey but after a few of her kitten fostering experiences, Noodles, a feisty grey troublemaker, and Newton, a brown tabby who likes wearing sweaters, joined the family.

Julia Augustus


Julia Augustus completed the Animal Health Technology program at Red River College in 2012 and started at the Pembina Veterinary Hospital in 2014 after a brief period working in Research. She keeps herself busy with her dog, Axel; cats, Butters and Sushi; and horse, Murphy. She enjoys teaching her animals to do tricks, camping and fishing. Julia also does locum work with the Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital.




Receptionists/Veterinary Assistants


Alex has worked in the veterinary industry since she was 17 years old. Currently, she works full-time at Corydon Animal Hospital with additional weekend shifts at Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital. Her well-rounded skills allow her to help in all areas of the hospital, from reception to animal restraint and treatments, to taking care of the kennels.

Her great love for animals has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. This could be due to the fact that her mother is a Registered Veterinary Technologist or that she grew up with a small menagerie of cats and dogs! Though she is unsure what her next step will be, Alex is considering pursuing a career as a veterinary technologist and will continue to gain experience in the meantime.


Kendra Sm.

Kendra Sa.




Feline Support Staff


Mandy was the first clinic cat for both Pembina Veterinary Hospital and Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital. Due to the busy environment for both clinics, it was always difficult to consider having any clinic animals wandering about but after Mandy had to be relinquished by her owner, it was discovered that she had the perfect personality! She is also a major weight loss success story! When she first came to the clinic, she weighed a whopping 11kg, but over the next year-and-a-half, her custom diet brought her down to a normal weight of 5kg! Unfortunately, she still has some permanent side effects, such as weak tendons in her front paws and arthritic elbows, but none of this slows her down.

She is a very relaxed cat who isn’t bothered by any of the patients as they go by, enjoys walking into empty, set-up kennels in order to test out the blankets, and occasionally her yowls can be heard throughout the clinic as she brings someone the gift of a ‘freshly killed’ cat toy.

Timbit (aka Lil’ Bit)

There has been much debate on Bit’s name, due to the number of staff she sees every day at her clinic home; the only part everyone can agree so far, is ‘Bit’! Originally part of the Pembina Veterinary Hospital adoption program, she caught everyone’s attention with her mellow attitude while out for her daily exercise. Dr. Scammell ended up enjoying her company so much that he moved her from the adoption program into a permanent feline support staff position.

Now she enjoys napping, often and in varying positions, teaching other PVH adoption program kittens how to find trouble, and being carried around like a baby, purring as loud as she can.

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